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Monthly Archives: August 2023

5 Things You Shouldn't Do Right After Eating

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do Right After Eating

“Stomach movie awakening” Eyelids droop.” Many people have this condition. Especially in the afternoon After a full lunch If I could sleep at home You can lie back on your favorite sofa for a long time, of course, but wait! Besides we shouldn’t go to bed immediately after eating a full meal,

Check 9 alarm behavior "depression"

Check 9 alarm behavior “depression”

During this time, according to the media or various communication channels. We see more and more news about people suffering from depression . Have you ever wondered what factors actually cause depression? to make the number of people sick with this disease more and more every day Then we are at

10 common allergy questions

10 common allergy questions

1. Are allergies genetic? If both parents are allergy How much will the child have allergies? is the cause of allergies caused by heredity and the environment, found that if the father or mother is allergic Will make the child have an allergy chance of about 30-50 percent,

7 great benefits of watermelon for weight loss - anti-cancer

7 great benefits of watermelon for weight loss – anti-cancer

A fruit known as a symbol of summer. besides coconut There should be a watermelon attached to the dart with him as well. Because watermelon is cold, sweet, juicy, whether eaten fresh Or put it in a blender, it’s delicious, cool, refreshing, quenching thirst, and cooling down really well. but