CEO of ‘Southern Tiger’ insists Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t fit with team

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Manchester United’s Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo’s chances of a move to Bayern Munich have been dwindled with chairman Oliver Kahn. Management pointed out that this star player does not fit the philosophy of the team.

Bayern Munich chief executive Oliver Kahn has revealed that Manchester United ‘s experienced striker , Cristiano Ronaldo . Terry United is one of the great players. But it is unlikely to be suitable for the team’s philosophy of Southern Tigers, resulting in the news that The transfer of the team to the Beer League championship should end. 

CEO of 'Southern Tiger' insists 'Ronaldo' doesn't fit with team philosophy

The 37-year-old star’s future at United remains a question mark. Because the News has asked the club to consider selling him if he receives a suitable offer. Due to dissatisfaction that the Red Devils are not ambitious enough. Plus, he wants to play in the UEFA Champions League, which is a big item. Not a small cup like the Europa League is also reported. He was not satisfied with the wage deduction for not attending UCLA. 

For the team that has been in the news at this UFABET time. Including Chelsea and Bayern Munich but the team’s opportunity navy blue lion Will have quite a few. Because the Red Devils do not want to be released to competitors in the same league. While teams from the region of Bavaria. Looks like the most likely both the name of the club and the success it has consistently received. 

However, the German Bundesliga champion has denied being linked with Ronaldo despite ongoing rumours, and Kahn recently said in an interview with Kicker: “As far as I know, I admire Chris. Stiano Ronaldo is said to be one of the greatest players. But moving to join the team It’s not likely to fit our philosophy.”

For CR7 has not returned to training with the Red Devils since Monday 4 July. claiming to have asked for permission to leave the team for family reasons As a result, it is not certain whether Will come to pre-season tour in Thailand or not, while George Mendes Super Agent. It was reported to meet with Jones Laporta, president of Barcelona. With the topic of moving the team of this star player is included.