Hi-Lo money walking formula

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For the Sic Bo formula that is popularly used is the Martingale formula and the Super Martingale formula. Both of which can help us withdraw the lost money back with 1 unit of profit. But the condition must be Compound every time you lose For details of both formulas are as follows UFABET.

Hi-Lo money walking formula

Martingale walking formula

Let’s start with the most popular money-walking formula that is used the most. Because it can be used with every gambling game. In principle it’s simple. We just place a double bet on the last lost turn. Also known as the thrust. The bet will be divided into 5 rounds or 5 sticks, only counting the losing rounds. which has the following methods of placing bets

  • Round 1 bet 100 baht, if winning the next round, place 100 baht if losing
  • 2nd round bet 200 baht (twice the losing round) if winning the next round, go back to bet 100 baht, but if losing
  • Round 3 bet 400 baht, if you win, return to place 100 baht as usual, but if you lose
  • Round 4, bet 800 baht, if you win, return to place 100 baht again, but if you lose
  • Round 5 bet 1,600 baht. If you win in this round, we will get the money that was lost in all 4 rounds back with a profit of 100 baht.

In conclusion, if we are going to use the Martingale formula, it is necessary to have a capital of at least 3,100 baht. But the good way should be more, about 100 units are good because if we really fall, there is a chance to lose all 5 rounds as well. Which means we lose a large amount of money. However, if losing 5 times in a row like this, I recommend that it be better to stop.