Kulusevski feels like an idiot after making a mistake on ‘Naughty’

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Tottenham Hotspur forward Dejan Kulusevski has revealed he felt like an idiot. After making a mistake against Son Heung-min during the final Premier League match last season.

Son Heung-min almost missed out on winning the Golden Boot last season. After Dejan Kulusevski described his mistake in Tottenham’s win over Nori Ch City 5-0. On the last day of the season. The South Korean star shared the award with Liverpool star Mohamed Salah. But the new Spurs fan favorite feels his responsibility if the Kimchi player unable to win such an award

Kulusevski feels like an idiot after making a mistake on 'Naughty'

  Kulusevski is a player Antonio Conte signed in January. And the Sweden international has been outstanding, with eight assists in 18 Premier League games at the end of last season. But perhaps it should have been nine assists as the Tottenham Hotspur star recounts the story of how he made a mistake during the Norwich City game when ‘Son’ stood alone. And ready to knock the ball into the goal easily in the distance, but Kulusevski didn’t pass him and he felt like a ‘stupid’.

         Kulusevski shared the hilarious story on Swedish podcast DÅ ÄR VI IGÅNG , where he explained: “Two minutes before the goal there was a strange situation. I stood empty with the keeper. door A lot of things have failed. A footballer came in to intercept me. I was alone with the goalkeeper and thought, ‘I should fall… And he’ll get fired.'” “But I’m like…not better. Of course I had to shoot. The goalkeeper came out but then he hesitated. So I knew I would get there first. I ran past him I have an open door It’s right in front of me and I’m like, ‘Oh, this is really awkward.'” 

          I don’t really like having an open goal because there’s too much time to think and the fans next to me were yelling ‘super easy. So I took a breath and thought Calm down Dejan nempty door. I stared at the door and it was really clear. I touched it again and thought. ‘Maybe it’s time to shoot’ but then I saw Son, who he was like, ‘Give it to me’. We have to pass the ball to Son.”

          “So I was like, ‘Dejan, forget about the goals. You have to assist Son,’ so I passed the ball. and when I pass the ball I fell into the field It was touching the ball at the wrong moment, so the ball was gradual. roll slowly Went to the goal and they cleared it off the goal line.” “And I stood there and thought, ‘Dejan, what the hell are you doing?’ I thought, ‘You’re the most stupid and embarrassed’ anyway. Everything is not as bad as you think because of being naughty. also became the first Asian player to receive this award. Plus, Spurs also have the right to play in the Champions League at UFABET