Sic Bo online with High risk

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The ultimate bet of the gambler would be to throw large sums of money for big profits. which the bet will not focus on covering But focusing on throwing on either side of the end in the hope that it will issue 2 positions at the same time from 3 positions, of course, that throwing together this size, this profit is definitely not normal. By betting, there will be 2 forms as follows.

Sic Bo online with High risk

Type 1 bets a total of 8 points to 3 units, bets on pairs 1, 2 and 3, 2 units each, followed by 2 units each, and 2 units each, totaling 11 units. The reason for this bet is because

  1. If exiting 1, 1, 6, we will get money from betting a total of 8 points and another double favorite.
  2. If 2, 2, 4 are drawn, it will give the same result, namely 2 places in front total and even favorite.
  3. If 3, 3, 2 are issued, the result is not different from the first 2.

Now let’s see how much the profit will be.

  • If you win a total of 8, you will get money 3×6 = 18 units.
  • If you win the pair, you will get 2×10 = 20 units.
  • If winning tod 2, 3 will get money 2 × 5 = 10 units

Type 2, we will bet on a total of 13 points to 3 units, bet on pairs 4, 5 and 6 of 2 units each, and then bet on Tod 4, 5 to finish off another 2 units each, which we predicted here. that

  1. If out 4, 4, 5, we will win a total of 13 points, coupled with double favorites.
  2. If out 5, 5, 3 will win 2 positions as well.
  3. Or if output 6, 6, 1 gives the same result.

From all events, if issued as follows, we will be profitable.

  • If you win a total of 13 points, you will get a profit of 3×6 = 18 units.
  • If you win the pair, you will get 2×10 = 20 units.
  • If Tod wins 4, 5, you will get money 2×5 = 10 units.

At this point, you can decide whether we will play Sic Bo online with a good level of risk. But no matter what level of risk, do not forget that in the long run, we lose to Online casinos are good UFABET , so if playing and making a profit, it is advisable to stop carrying the money back first. Come to play next time, it’s not too late. Most importantly, using the money walking formula together will help you get more profit.