10 common allergy questions

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1. Are allergies genetic? If both parents are allergy How much will the child have allergies?

is the cause of allergies caused by heredity and the environment, found that if the father or mother is allergic Will make the child have an allergy chance of about 30-50 percent, but if both father and my mother has allergies will result in giving children a chance are allergic to 50-70 percent, while children from families without a history of allergies There is only a 10% chance of having allergies. 

2. Notice that each person’s allergies are different, for example, some people are allergic and itchy. Some people lose and stuff their noses. Some people are allergic and have rashes. Why does each person’s symptoms differ? what is the โปรโมชั่น ufabet cause Is it related to genetics?

Allergies are a group of diseases that show symptoms in many systems of the body. Symptoms of allergies depend on the type of allergy you have, for example, if it’s in your nose, it’s called allergic rhinitis. or allergic disease There will be nasal symptoms, if it’s on the skin, it’s called atopic dermatitis. I have skin symptoms. Whether you will have any type of allergy before or after depends on the genes. or genetic expression with the environment as a stimulating factor

10 common allergy questions

3. In the past, allergic to dust mites But why are there so many losses nowadays and more and more? Why is that and how to fix it?

Allergies are caused by abnormalities of the immune system in the body that work too much. makes the target organs more sensitive or responding abnormally to stimuli More allergic to allergens and have more symptoms Caused by a cause that stimulates more and more target organs which the person who is not avoiding that cause Solve by trying to avoid triggers that cause more symptoms. and assembling causes that reduce symptoms is regular exercise

4. Will allergy symptoms be cured or not?

This disease cannot be cured. due to hereditary disease But can control the symptoms. or have minimal symptoms 

5. When I was young, I didn’t lose anything. Why did I lose when I grew up?

The causes of allergies are due to heredity and environment. Manifestations of allergy symptoms Will happen sooner or later Will happen in childhood or in adulthood depending on the genes or genetic expression with the environment as a stimulating factor

6. Antihistamines used for a long time consecutive months Will there be a negative effect or not? Will it be harmful to the body or not?

There is no negative effect if the patient has normal liver and kidney function because antihistamines are excreted from the body through the liver and kidneys. There may be an accumulation of the drug in the body. But using antihistamines for a long time It is a treatment at the end of the cause. When to stop using antihistamines and the patient did not go to fix the cause The symptoms of the disease will return again.

7. Used nasal spray, the nose is cleared immediately. If used for a long time, will there be side effects or not? There

will be inflammation of the nasal mucosa. and swelling from using nasal constriction drugs for too long. Normally, it is recommended to use such drugs for no more than 7-10 days because the drug will shrink the blood vessels of the nasal mucosa. As a result, the nasal mucosa collapses and swells. But if used for a long time The blood vessels of the nasal mucosa that used to shrink will return to expand As a result, the nasal mucosa becomes swollen again. Nasal congestion followed.

8. Runny nose when waking up in the morning every day and after a while it will disappear Is it an allergic reaction? how to fix I tried adjusting the air conditioner temperature and it’s still there.

having mucus when waking up in the morning Shows that there must be a reason that stimulates the mucus glands in the nasal mucosa. in the bedroom This is often caused by the environment in the bedroom as a trigger. like the dust in the bedroom The air in the room is usually cool. due to the weather outside in the morning It’s usually cooler than other times of the day. After a while, the symptoms will disappear. There is no reason to stimulate the sensitive nasal mucosa. Editing should be arranged in the bedroom environment. Do not let there be stimuli that cause symptoms. and should not turn on the fan or blow air conditioner or too cold

9. When should we stop antihistamines? 
When able to avoid the stimulus that causes symptoms moderately and assembling the causes that make this disease better Is aerobic exercise (such as running, brisk walking, up and down stairs, swimming, aerobic dancing, playing football, playing tennis, badminton or basketball) regularly. At least 30 minutes a day, at least 3 days a week  

10. What are the complications caused by nasal allergies?

These include otitis media, asthma, chronic cough, chronic sore throat, sinusitis, rhinitis, snoring and/or sleep apnea.