6 types of nutrients that mothers who are 2 months pregnant should eat

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When mothers begin to know that they are pregnant, besides the excitement that increases every day. Things that need to be given great importance is food Mothers begin to pay attention to the nutrients that their bodies should receive while pregnant. Let’s look at what nutrients a mother’s body should receive during the 2-month period of pregnancy. And what types of foods are those nutrients rich in? Let’s come and see.

6 types of nutrients that mothers who are 2 months pregnant should eat

1.Folic Acid – Folic acid
during the 2 months of pregnancy, the body must receive folic acid continuously. Because this type of nutrient helps prevent birth defects in infants. It also helps in the efficient formation of the neural tube of embryos aged 28 days after conception. Foods rich in folic acid include eggs, almonds, walnuts, green leafy vegetables, fruits, and dried fruits.

2.Iron – Iron:
Iron is very important during the 2nd month of pregnancy. Because this is the period when the pregnant mother’s body needs good and efficient blood circulation. It also helps prevent morning sickness and fatigue in the body. Foods that are rich in nutrients like iron include liver, fish, meat, chicken, beetroot, spinach, fruits, and dried fruit.

3.Calcium – calcium
during pregnancy Especially when the pregnancy is 2 months old, the mother’s body should receive approximately 1,000 – 1,200 milligrams of calcium per day because calcium helps strengthen bones. The baby’s bones begin to form in the 2nd month of pregnancy. Calcium also reduces the chance of osteoporosis in the mother. Because pregnancy takes away calcium from the mother. Therefore, it is recommended that mothers drink milk. and eat various types of green leafy vegetables Including turnips and cabbage.

4.Proteins – protein

Protein is a nutrient that helps nourish mothers during their 2 month pregnancy very well. Especially during this stage of pregnancy The body must receive at least 75 grams of protein per day. Pregnant mothers must also be careful about eating certain foods that are high in protein. which should not be eaten in excessive quantities Because it can cause the fetus to have an allergic reaction to protein. Recommended protein foods include chicken, eggs, fish, milk, and nuts. Try to avoid deep-sea fish such as eagle rays, sharks, and bonito, as they contain high amounts of mercury.

5.Fats – Fats.
The fats that mothers who are 2 months pregnant should eat are good fats such as Omega 3 because this type of fat helps strengthen brain development. and vision development As for foods that are rich in omega-3, they are nuts, sea fish, and various types of seafood.

6.Fiber –
Fiber Fiber helps to make excretion work well. And helps prevent constipation in pregnant mothers as well. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers eat foods rich in fiber. Whether it’s vegetables, fruits, or grains.

When pregnant mothers know the types of nutrients their bodies should receive during their 2-month pregnancy. You should also pay attention to the https://ufabet999.app foods that you should avoid. Which foods should not be eaten while pregnant at this stage? Oily, fried and spicy foods can cause severe heartburn. Most importantly, drink water often. including eating light meals To reduce morning sickness.