Are Americano and Opliang different? Is it the same menu?

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The drink menu is popular among many coffee lovers. That person probably can’t escape Americano and Oliang because both menus are fragrant and refreshing when you drink them and stay awake all day long. which we believe many People may be confused because Americano and Oliang are the same black coffee, but actually the two menus are different.

Today we will take friends. Let’s take a look at the differences between Americano and Oliang . How is this different? Is it different? Whoever is wondering will understand.

Are Americano and Opliang different? Is it the same menu?

Are Americano and Opliang different? Is it the same menu?


Americano coffee (Americano) or black coffee is a drink that is very popular in the coffee industry around the world. It is ยูฟ่าเบท fresh coffee that is obtained from brewing with ground roasted coffee. The brewing method may vary from shop to shop or person to person, but the main idea is to mix traditional coffee with hot water to create a drink with a strong, sour taste. It has a higher water content than traditional coffee.

In principle Americano coffee is prepared by mixing 1 shot of ground roasted coffee with hot water to dilute it, without adding sugar, sweeteners or milk. The taste is concentrated and sour.


O-liang: This drink originates from the Teochew language. The word “o” means black and the word “liang” means cold. Therefore, oleang means a black cold drink. Oliang also has ingredients from coffee powder. But it’s coffee powder used for brewing in the traditional way. By combining coffee beans that have been ground and mixed with corn kernels, roasted tamarind, and many more.

These ingredients are then roasted in a pan. During roasting, syrup and butter are also mixed in. It is a fragrance enhancer. When the roasting is finished It is then ground into powder for use in making oliang. If it’s brewing, add ice. We call it O Liang as usual. But if you brew it hot It will be known as “Oyawa”.

What’s the difference between Americano and Oliang?

The difference between Americano and Oliang lies in the ingredients in the coffee powder used in brewing. Americano comes from completely roasted and ground coffee beans. No syrup added. while Oliang is roasted along with other ingredients. To get a variety of flavors However, the difference in flavor between these two coffees is a matter of personal interest and taste. Both Americano and oleagin have their own unique charms and flavours.