“Refrain from food”, which meal burns fat the best? Get better health

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Previously, we believed that we had to eat 3 meals a day. But in fact, skipping some meals. Certain times of the day may have a better effect on the body than Dr. Nantaphon Pongratanaman, advisor Department of Vascular Surgery Phramongkutklao Hospital or Doctor Top has an explanation and advice that. You should abstain from food at any time and at what time to help the body’s metabolism work best.

"Refrain from food", which meal burns fat the best? Get better health

Skipping meals may have a greater effect on your health than you think.

For those under 20 years of age. Eating three complete meals is recommended. because the hormones in the body are not stable And also need nutrients for growth than other ages. But people who are over 20 years old may not need as much food as before. Eating more food than the body needs increases. The risk of obesity and dangerous diseases such as diabetes and high blood UFABET pressure.

Actually, we can reduce the number of meals. It is recommended to try to reduce the number of meals to 2 meals a day or in some people who try to eat only one meal a day (One Meal A Day or OMAD). Can help slow down aging and reduce the risk of various diseases especially cancer as well. But if anyone is afraid of hunger You can try to start reducing to 2 meals a day.

“Refrain from food”, which meal burns fat the best? Get better health

Dr. Nantaphon recommends skipping breakfast , although we have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But according to a new study, In the morning, the hormone ghrelin or hormones that make us hungry are not released much. So we don’t feel very hungry in the morning. And if we eat too much energy from carbohydrates that are not good for the body (Flour and sugar, such as white bread with high-sugar jam, cornflakes, honey-coated granola, or chocolate) can be bad for your body.

We can eat healthy carbohydrates. It comes from vegetables from the root family. Although there is starch. but also high in dietary fiber Including fruits that are not very sweet

Try eating breakfast and lunch as one meal. Then eat dinner again no later than 8 p.m. will allow us to do IF (Intermittent Fasting) in the formula 10/14 or 16/8 (the number of hours without meals / able to eat).

If there is no meal Give your body a break from getting some food. Will have a positive effect on the body’s fat burning system